On the Bench

Beaded Necklaces


I finished this necklace in August. Beach pottery from Hong Kong set in a hand constructed sterling silver prong setting pair with jasper beads. This was one necklace in a series of eight (three finished and five more on the bench in parts).

Bridal Collection, Part 2


Here is a bridal necklace that I recently finished. Customization incorporating a client's fabric, paper, thread, tiny objects, etc is available.  Please contact me to start the design process today.  

Bridal Collection

I started planning and designing a bridal collection of earrings and pendants about 7 months ago… right before the whole idea of opening a brick and mortar fell into my lap.  Half a year later with the shop business under control and the holiday season over, I found some time to turn those sketches into actual jewelry.



The buttons are new, old stock stock dating back to the 1930's and are American made.  I am considering offering a customizable option to have the holes threaded with colors of the couples wedding.

More bridal pieces to be listed in the coming weeks.

New Collection: Lunar

I seriously needed to work on a new collection this winter as it has been one of the longest, coldest, and snowiest in years.  Studio work stimulates the part of my brain that ails from lack of sun and warmth, or at least I think it does.  This collection is completely fun and unique: no two discs are alike much like the snowflakes falling outside the window right now.


Also, Lunar stems from my Unearthed Collection, so you may see just a bit of resemblance.  These are the first of many more designs in necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Holiday: Custom Pieces

The holidays came with a flurry of custom orders.  Between running a brick and mortar, doing the mommy thing, entertaining, and organizing a holiday craft show, I'm surprised that I got any time in the studio (or sleep).

I didn't take many in progress shots because I honestly was on screech.  But here's a couple:


I make the rings in my wedding collection with my own ingots using my recycled scrap.  I'm kinda old school like that.  And I like to think that I'm doing my part to help the environment.  

Here's the finished rings.  The dark grey stone is a rose cut diamond and that wee stones circling the two bands are sapphires set in house made (meaning I measure, formed, soldered, and reformed each individual bezel) 18k gold bezels.