Lunar Cassiopea Ring with Diamonds

$ 475.00

Cassiopeia was thrown into the celestial heavens by an angry Poseidon after she insulted his daughter and failed to sacrifice her own daughter to placate his rage. Within Cassiopeia’s constellation there are three stars with known orbiting planets.

Cast in a charcoal mold, this 100% recycled sterling silver band ring is perfectly imperfect. Measuring approximately 12mm in width, the ring’s surface is marred with textures from the mold and left deliberately untouched for added interest. Three white diamonds (diameters measuring 2.8mm, 2.3mm, and 1.9mm) are set in 18k gold bezels. Six 18k yellow gold dots adorn the band as well.

Size: 9.75 US  

Handmade in Maine.