Galaxy Balance Rings with Tourmaline

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Hand fabricated rings in sterling silver all have naturally colored tourmaline cabochons set fine silver bezels accented with two or more 18k yellow gold dots.

The hand tapered sterling shanks measures 2mm in width and has a inner comfort fit edge.

The millimeter dimensions are the measurements of the bezeled stone.


A: 7 US, 9mm x 6mm

B: 6.5 US, 10mm x 6.5mm

C: 8.25 US, 9.5mm x 8mm

D: 8 US, 10mm x 10mm

E: 6.75 US, 9mm x 6.5mm

F: 8.5 US, 11mm x 8mm

G: 7 US, 8.5mm x 4.5mm

H: 6.5 US, 7.5mm x 7.5mm

I: 6.5 US, 7mm x 6.5mm

J: 7.25 US, 8mm x 8mm

K: 7.5 US, 7.5mm x 7.5mm

L: 6 US, 9.5mm x 7mm

M: 7.75 US, 8.5mm x 6mm

Handmade with love in Maine.